Monday, April 11, 2011

my, it's been almost a month

Aloha Friends!!

First, my sincerest appologies for being a super bad blogger buddy! I think time just gets the best of me and I simply neglected you! I promise to try harder and be more on my "A" game from here on out! LMAO..I do hope you'll forgive little ol' me xoxo?

It's been a busy month thats for sure! My two little twins just keep me busy and on my toes, I seem to never have a few minutes just to jot down a little note or two! My seven year old is smarter than me (no lie), sometimes her first grade homework confuses me! HAHA! She's lost three teeth in less than a month and looks so super adorable! My husband passed his board that he's been studying for now since January! I think it was because I made two huge trays of baklava (one regular and one chocolate...yeah, I said it...chocolate, you wanna try?)and two large heaping bowls of Chocolate devils food truffle, deeeelish! He now has is SWSCO pin, (surface warfare supply corps officer)!

My husband has spent the last few months in and out of port here in Pearl Harbor, seems like we never get to see each other, so this past weekend we were lucky enough to attend a few events required by his ship. We went to my his CO's (captains) farewell dinner on Thursday night at the Officers Club and enjoyed a Mongolian BBQ dinner, fellow officers company, a beautiful sunset and a few laughs! Then the following night we attended our first dining out for all the ships in the harbor. A dining out is more like a "lets make fun of as many people and drink as much as we can" type of event! It was probably one of the best nights I've had since we moved here! I was welcomed with open arms into my husbands ward room! I was told I was "cooler than my husband", I was toasted too and took a shot with my the XO of the ship! Never thought I would be part of the "in" crowd! I guess my wonderful and outgoing personality just won them all over! For the record, I plan on emailing my hubby every single day and reminding him that I'm cooler and his co-workers love me more than him..lmao, too stinkin' funny!!

So, I guess for now, thats the update. Love to you all and Mahalo for reading!!


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