Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Rainy Aloha & Twitter

So, it's been raining for what seems like FOREVER here in normally beautiful, sunny and gorgeous Hawaii. I know what your thinking, "why are you complaining, you live in Hawaii..blah blah". Well, for the record, visiting and living here are two completely different things, and that's all I'm going to say about that right now! The water is looking brown out my back door, the grass is growing like a forest, flash flood watches, mud everywhere, no bikes, no walks and tons of icky bugs. What does this translate to for a stay at home mommy with two almost 2 year olds you ask? It means, no playing outside, tons of mosquitos, no day trips (unless it's to Target since they have covered parking), no photography shoots, no beach, no sand, no tan, watching movies and otherwise b.o.r.e.d inside!!! Ok, think I've let that one go for now! Please pray that it will be sunny for at least between the hours of 11-1 on Saturday for the twins 2nd birthday party! babies are going to be 2 years old on Sunday, YIKES, the time as flown by so fast, probably going to cry if I start talking about that right now. I'll save that for later!

Now, for my latest little addiction, TWITTER! I think I might just love it! I've been able to meet such amazing and wonderful people over these last few months. I feel so blessed to have each and every one of them in my life (even if it's just through the internet). I'm able to express my feelings, get opinions, advice and boosts of self esteem through such wonderful friends! I'm not too sure why I didn't start "tweeting" earlier, guess I just thought it was boring, umm I was wrong! I just want to thank all of you that I have met and talked with, you make me laugh when I need it most and sometimes for some of us, thats all we need to get through a tough day! No one judges you, everyone is just there to support, got to just love that!! If you don't have Twitter, come on...get it! Look me up @Navywife3619...I want to meet you!

I've been practicing my photography a lot lately, YAY..GO ME...everyone stand and clap!!! My husband got me Photoshop for mothers day and i've been playing around with that pretty much any free time I get! It's so much to learn and it's going to take me a while, but I am SO ready to dive in and get this going. I've also planned on starting a photography blog to document my start into the home business you think thats a good idea?

Thanks for listening...I'll be posting more after the twins party this weekend!! LOVE YOU ALL!!


Thursday, May 5, 2011

So many things have been changing in my life lately, I feel I need to just let it all out! A few weeks ago my husband came home from work and told me that he wants me to start practicing my photography! Did you know that my dream is to be a professional photographer? Well, it is, and has been since I was very little...I just didn't think I was good enough to accomplish it. We went the very next day and bought my brand new camera, A canon T3i to be exact! I also got a telephoto lens, a camera bag and a tripod! Then we wandered over to the apple computers, and SURPRISE, he bought me a new Macbook Pro so that I can edit the pictures properly! OH EM GEE, I have the best husband ever!

The very next morning, before the sun came up, I was out in my neighborhood taking pictures of anything and everything I could lay my eyes on! I've never felt more like I was supposed to be doing something than when I was behind my camera lens that morning! Can a person have a "calling" for a profession? I certainly did and it's so stinkin' exciting! I can't wait to share some of my pictures with all of you! I'm thinking of starting a separate blog for my photography business. Any advice or thoughts? I have NO idea how to start something like that...can you tell, umm have you looked at this one? HA!

I'm hoping to get a few "volunteers" to let me practice taking their pictures soon. I have a fully packed weekend and plan on having my camera (and my pretty sweet damask and pink camera strap cover) around my neck to capture every single moment! Cinco De Mayo tomorrow night with my husband, craft fair, baby shower and family time on Sunday! I'm also hoping to get up super de duper early one morning and catch a sunrise on the other side of the island...anyone want to join me at o'crack early? LMAO, yeah...I didn't think so!!


Monday, April 11, 2011

my, it's been almost a month

Aloha Friends!!

First, my sincerest appologies for being a super bad blogger buddy! I think time just gets the best of me and I simply neglected you! I promise to try harder and be more on my "A" game from here on out! LMAO..I do hope you'll forgive little ol' me xoxo?

It's been a busy month thats for sure! My two little twins just keep me busy and on my toes, I seem to never have a few minutes just to jot down a little note or two! My seven year old is smarter than me (no lie), sometimes her first grade homework confuses me! HAHA! She's lost three teeth in less than a month and looks so super adorable! My husband passed his board that he's been studying for now since January! I think it was because I made two huge trays of baklava (one regular and one chocolate...yeah, I said it...chocolate, you wanna try?)and two large heaping bowls of Chocolate devils food truffle, deeeelish! He now has is SWSCO pin, (surface warfare supply corps officer)!

My husband has spent the last few months in and out of port here in Pearl Harbor, seems like we never get to see each other, so this past weekend we were lucky enough to attend a few events required by his ship. We went to my his CO's (captains) farewell dinner on Thursday night at the Officers Club and enjoyed a Mongolian BBQ dinner, fellow officers company, a beautiful sunset and a few laughs! Then the following night we attended our first dining out for all the ships in the harbor. A dining out is more like a "lets make fun of as many people and drink as much as we can" type of event! It was probably one of the best nights I've had since we moved here! I was welcomed with open arms into my husbands ward room! I was told I was "cooler than my husband", I was toasted too and took a shot with my the XO of the ship! Never thought I would be part of the "in" crowd! I guess my wonderful and outgoing personality just won them all over! For the record, I plan on emailing my hubby every single day and reminding him that I'm cooler and his co-workers love me more than him..lmao, too stinkin' funny!!

So, I guess for now, thats the update. Love to you all and Mahalo for reading!!


Monday, March 14, 2011

Supply Ball

ALOHA! This past weekend my husband and I attended the 216th Naval Supply Corps Ball at the gorgeous Kahala Hotel & Resort! We had a great time and I thought I would just share a little "picture" blog with you! I hope you enjoy!!


Monday, March 7, 2011

Promotion day!

Happy Monday friends!

It was a Wonderful morning for my family! Today my husband was promoted from Ensign to a Lieutenant Junior Grade (LTJG)! Super excited for him, it's been a long, but quick (if that makes sense) two years! I met Greg at his ship this morning, because I was the one who would be pinning on his new rank! It was so windy walking to the ship I had to hold my dress down the entire time! The last thing I wanted was to flash a bunch of sailors, HAHA! I wore a super cute little dress, peach sparkly sweater and white wedges, in case you were wondering, which I'm sure hoping you were!
The promotion took place in the officers ward room where it smelt bad and was about 40 degrees..brrr, I was freezing but so glad I chose to bring a sweater!

The actual "event" only took a few minutes and consisted of the XO reading a promotion letter, hubby repeating his oath to serve his country, getting pinned, a little speech and then lots of congrats and handshakes from all the officers. I was able to pin Greg's new rank on his collar and dropped is old one on the ground..whoops!
I also received some gorgeous smell up my entire house beautiful bouquet of flowers from him! I am so blessed to have been able to be there today and create another memory in our life's book!
I just can't believe it's been two years since he was commissioned as an Officer in Newport Rhode Island on that cold winter day, standing there 6 months pregnant with a full bladder and swollen feet, lmao! I will never forget how proud I was that day! Watching my husband cross the stage, salute and know that this was the beginning of many changes ahead. He has done so many things and sacrificed so much for our family, it's just impossible to express those feelings without completely breaking down in tears. It's amazing how our lives have changed in these last twenty four months. We relocated from Florida to Georgia, bought a bigger suv, had twins, watched Zoe start Kindergarten, moved to Hawaii and immediately went through a long deployment. There have been ups and downs, but I wouldn't trade a single moment for anything! I can only say that I have learned and grown from every experience I have been through and I am a better wife, mother and friend to those around me.

Until next time...

Even if it's only a day

Aloha friends...

Here I am again, alone! It's been a long 8 days let me tell you. I know I shouldn't complain about my hubs being gone for a week here and there, especially when so many of my friends are struggling with deployments...but *sigh* it never gets easier. It really doesn't matter if it's one day or 6 months, when the one you love more than anything is away, just sucks. I always get this empty pit of my stomach feeling throughout the day, I can't stand it. Mostly because that's usually followed by tears. I treasure every single moment I get with my husband and I take every single opportunity to spend it with him and with our kids, together, as a family. This week is a bit different though, there will be no email communication from the ship and possibly no phone calls. That's going to make for one L.O.N.G week! But, it's what I do, it's our life, and just like every single other time, I'll get through it with a smile..well, maybe a smirk!

So this is how the last week went...Hubs was out until 7pm on Friday, went to bed early because he was falling asleep on the couch. Then he had duty on Saturday and came home at 9am on Sunday. I did manage to go and bring him dinner on the ship Saturday night though! That was actually kind of fun, except for the smell! Have you ever been on a Navy ship? Ughh, they smell so bad! Anyways, prior to meeting him for dinner I was out and about shopping for a ball gown dress and shoes! Greg and I have our first official Supply Corps ball next Saturday! Yeah, I'm kind of excited about it!! Wooohoo, so much fun! I went to David's bridal first and was lucky enough to find not one, but two amazing dresses that fit perfectly! Only problem...had to choose! Long or short? I quizzed a bunch of my friends and my husband and ultimately chose the short dress! I know right? SHORT SAY WHAT? After all, we do live in Hawaii and I have great calves, HAHA, yes I said it! Oh, and I love now, I get to show my super cute shoes off, yesss! I can't wait to show you! Speaking of shoes, I bought not one but 6 pairs last week..EEEK! Seriously though, huge sale and I didn't do it all at once let me just clarify! I have a shoe problem..there, I said it..first step is admitting you have a problem!

Sunday we went out running errands (since I dislike doing them alone)! Thankfully my hubby doesn't mind driving me around in and out of stores! Well, at least I think he doesn't mind...hmm, maybe I should ask him about that one! We had lunch at the mall, which was SO much fun (nope, no sarcasm there, it actually was really fun). Then we came home and hung out for the rest of the day! That was my weekend, nothing crazy...just life!


Monday, February 28, 2011

Family fun weekend..woohoo

Aloha Friends!

Sitting here thinking that I need to make sure I'm keeping up on my blogging! I feel like I might say the same thing over and over again! But hey, I'm trying super hard to make things interesting so YOU will keep on reading!

Being a full time mommy to three children, a wife to a wonderful military man, and an all around do everything "elser" (I know, I know...not a word, but who's checking right?), sometimes the day just slips away! My amazing hubs is out to sea for the week, so I have a little free time tonight (after my fantabulous glass of wine and rotting my brain with the bachelor) I can sit here and write!

On Saturday the family and I went to Waimea Botanical Gardens to see some trees, some plants, some flowers and of course a gorgeous waterfall at the end!! Here are a few pictures of our little adventure! Oh, and we decided to use two strollers and split the twins up (equal workouts you say? Nope, hubs just didn't want to push the double alone...haha).

On Sunday we had our babysitter come over for a little bit so that we could take Zoe out for a few hours of "big girl twin free" time. After much consideration and debating, we were off to the beach! It was actually kind of relaxing to not chase twin almost 2 year olds all over the place! Greg played in the water for most of the time with Zoe while this mama stayed on shore reading her Rachel Ray magazine and enjoying the warm Hawaiian sunshine! After the beach we went and ate some tasty pizza and drank some baskin robins milkshakes(not my choice, I wanted mexican...but Zoe was the boss that afternoon).

Well, that was it for the bring on the week. Hoping it's a quick one since Greg isn't here and I desperately hate being alone, especially at night. Found out that Greg will be getting pinned on Friday, he is stepping up in ranks!! I'm so proud of him! The best part is, I'm going to get to "pin" him myself! So, I need a new outfit...what does one wear to this type of event? No high heels since I have to walk up the brow..wouldn't want to slip and fall on the ship! I'm going out tomorrow to shop for a nice outfit,got the babysitter for a few hours (I'm really going to miss her when she moves off island next week *tear*). Ok, ideas welcome for outfit choices...remember, I live in Hawaii (it's hot) and the ceremony is starting at 11am, hottest part of the day (and we'll be outside)!!