Monday, February 28, 2011

Family fun weekend..woohoo

Aloha Friends!

Sitting here thinking that I need to make sure I'm keeping up on my blogging! I feel like I might say the same thing over and over again! But hey, I'm trying super hard to make things interesting so YOU will keep on reading!

Being a full time mommy to three children, a wife to a wonderful military man, and an all around do everything "elser" (I know, I know...not a word, but who's checking right?), sometimes the day just slips away! My amazing hubs is out to sea for the week, so I have a little free time tonight (after my fantabulous glass of wine and rotting my brain with the bachelor) I can sit here and write!

On Saturday the family and I went to Waimea Botanical Gardens to see some trees, some plants, some flowers and of course a gorgeous waterfall at the end!! Here are a few pictures of our little adventure! Oh, and we decided to use two strollers and split the twins up (equal workouts you say? Nope, hubs just didn't want to push the double alone...haha).

On Sunday we had our babysitter come over for a little bit so that we could take Zoe out for a few hours of "big girl twin free" time. After much consideration and debating, we were off to the beach! It was actually kind of relaxing to not chase twin almost 2 year olds all over the place! Greg played in the water for most of the time with Zoe while this mama stayed on shore reading her Rachel Ray magazine and enjoying the warm Hawaiian sunshine! After the beach we went and ate some tasty pizza and drank some baskin robins milkshakes(not my choice, I wanted mexican...but Zoe was the boss that afternoon).

Well, that was it for the bring on the week. Hoping it's a quick one since Greg isn't here and I desperately hate being alone, especially at night. Found out that Greg will be getting pinned on Friday, he is stepping up in ranks!! I'm so proud of him! The best part is, I'm going to get to "pin" him myself! So, I need a new outfit...what does one wear to this type of event? No high heels since I have to walk up the brow..wouldn't want to slip and fall on the ship! I'm going out tomorrow to shop for a nice outfit,got the babysitter for a few hours (I'm really going to miss her when she moves off island next week *tear*). Ok, ideas welcome for outfit choices...remember, I live in Hawaii (it's hot) and the ceremony is starting at 11am, hottest part of the day (and we'll be outside)!!


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Stranded, bouncehouse and the beach

Aloha again friends...

Well, this past weekend Greg and I went to Ala Moana mall to walk around, try on clothes and have a laid back dinner together! My wonderful and amazing babysitter is leaving the island in two weeks, so we are taking full advantage of still having her around! We stopped and had dinner at Islands grill..

After dinner and some walking around we headed to the car to get home early! Yeah, not so much! Greg went to start the car and...nothing! It wouldn't even turn on, make any noise, nothing! Ughh, so frustrated to have a nice night end this way! Luckily, we were parked pretty close to a Sears and with minutes to spare before the store closing Greg was able to be the last guy in line to buy a new battery for the car! Thank goodness my husband is capable of changing out a battery in a dark parking lot with only the light of his cell to see what he's doing! Here's the car...waiting on a new battery (and for the record, since the doors wouldn't lock, I stayed with the car in the dark parking lot, alone...while hubs went and bought the battery!

So, while hubs changed the battery, I made myself useful and walked to Jamba Juice for a little pick-me-up!! Hey, I have to do my part too right!! By the time I got back to the car with our yum-o smoothies, hubs had it started and we made our way safely back home!!

And as for the rest of the weekend, this is how it pictures: Here are the kids watching Zoe play Wii...just couldn't resist this one!

We purchased a bounce house for the kids, and may I add...the best money we ever spent on a toy! The kids are SO tired at night, whoohoo!

On Monday, we spent the morning at the beach! It was a perfect day for it, kind of cloudy and not too hot! We all had a great time! Alex was scared of the sand and water at first, but once again (just like last time) it took him about 30 minutes to adjust to the environment and once he did, he was off and running!

It was such a nice family weekend...looking forward to another one this upcoming weekend...possibilities: overnight at a hotel, fireworks, beach, botanical gardens..who knows, guess you'll have to stay tuned....


A little late...vday


Well, apparently it's been a little while since I've blogged, guess I should catch you all up on the craziness of my life!! First, on the 10th hubster and I got with the program and purchased our fantabulous new iphones with Verizon! So happy that they finally got with the program, I love my new phone...maybe a little too much!!

Ok, I'll pick up on Valentines day! I spent most of the day with my two littlest Valentines, made them heart shaped, pink, chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast....that were SO yummy, or at least the empty plates told me that! I dressed them in super cute little outfits and had lots of fun! Some great news, for the first time in 4 years my husband and I were able to celebrate Valentines day not only together, but actually on the actual holiday! I couldn't have been happier to spend it with him. We went out to a really nice restaurant and ate a wonderful four course dinner at DK Steakhouse in downtown Waikiki. We walked around, window shopped and just enjoyed being together, it was such a special night for us both! Let me share a few pictures with you...please!!


Sunday, February 6, 2011

Got a few...

Hello friends!

I can't believe it's already Sunday night, where did that weekend go? Greg has duty tonight and that just stinks (sigh), but on the bright side I have some quality "alone" time to write a little!

I spent Friday playing with my two little loves!

Saturday was a blast, with a lovely birthday party for another set of twins that turned 2 and then a ladies only birthday with some of my favorite neighbors!
Here's Ana sporting her little birthday cute!
You could say that this Buzz Lightyear toy saved the day! Alex was having one of his major meltdowns until this toy came out...thank goodness!!

I went out with a few of my neighbors for one of their birthdays Saturday night! We took a limo and headed down to Waikiki for some fun!

First we started out having dinner at the Yardhouse (yum..if you've never been to one...GO, you'll thank me later *wink*). Our waiter had a strong resemblance to the singer Meatloaf and it had me humming *I would do anything for love, but I wont do that* pretty much all night long! I tried Poke, not by choice and in case you are wondering, I didn't like it! Not to mention, no one told me that the green swirl of pretty sauce was actually Wasabi, that I loaded onto the raw fish before shoveling it in my mouth, yeah...picture that moment, it is!!
I was screaming for the waiter to bring me milk..haha! Here is that gorgeous Poke, if you like raw fish..I've been told it's amazing!
We did a lot of "people watching" which I learned via my zodiac sign (the monkey) is one of my most favorite things to do! After dinner and too many drinks, we headed to the cheesecake factory for some yummy cheesecake to go! We walked around and window shopped for things we certainly couldn't afford and ended up at Dukes to sit on the beach and enjoy out dessert! I, however, saved mine for when I got home to share with my hubby (it's his favorite too). I took a beer on the beach and got scolded by the 18 year old waiter..."ma'am you can't drink on the beach"...whoopsie, my bad! There were so many laughs and bonding between all of us was a epic night!

Sunday wasn't too exciting, watched the superbowl by myself while Zoe played her Wii and the twins napped! I brought my hunny a Starbucks and lunch (only because I can't stand going a day without seeing his handsome face). I made some cookies and cooked a pizza and ended the night playing chase with my three kids!

Happy Sunday!!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Ok I decided to post this here little blog on my Facebook and twitter account. Yikes, now I'm opening it up to the world..haha! Not really looking for anyone to read it...but just thought I would throw it out there! I know it's hard to call my friends and family all the time, so here's a way to keep tabs on the Witherell 5! I don't write nearly as much as I should, but I'm trying to get better at it! I'm hoping to get my photography up and going in the next few months and I think this is going to be a great way to get it out there and get my business off and running! I also have many wonderful friends who love to blog and are super talented (much more than little old me!). They are the ones who inspire me to sit and write about...well...anything I feel like!

Today is nothing special, just another day in paradise I guess you could say! I'm going to run a few errands (diapers and such) and pay the bills! Whoa...hold on to your hats, now isn't that something to write home about!!

Hubster has been working like crazy lately and will be out to sea next week, so expect a little more blogging action to come your way!! Guess thats all for a glorious day in Hawaii...


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I love me some football

Aloha friends!! I had the most wonderful weekend and I just have to share all the exciting things I did with you! I guess it's not too exciting unless you bleed for football like I do, haha! It was the 2011 ProBowl, and incase you couldn't guess, I love football! I'm a New England girl at heart and I love my New England Patriots! I got the chance to see 7 of the best Pats players along side all the other top rated players in the NFL. It was a dream come true, just fun fun fun!

The weekend started off with meeting KRIS ALLEN from American Idol!! Yup, this girl spotted him accross the bar at Dukes Waikiki and knew instantly that it was him! I felt like a 12 year old with how excited I was!! He was in town to sign the national anthem for the game on Sunday. He was here with his wife and another couple, they were both very down to earth and actually chatted with me for a few minutes. I got my picture taken with him...duh, of course! But with all my luck, there was terrible lighting and my flash didn't go off...go figure!

On Saturday morning we went to Aloha stadium for Ohana day. Ohana means family in Hawaiian! We got to watch the players practice, see the mascots and all the cheerleaders (my daughters favorite). My 21 month old twins did not handle the experience as well as I had hoped and we had to skip out a little early and walk around and around the stadium with the strollers. Not exactly what I had expected, but still worth every second! Later that night we went to the ProBowl block party in downtown Waikiki, which was a blast! It was packed with football lovin' homies, I felt right at home! We got a signature of a retired NFL player, pictures with cheerleaders and we got to meet a star player from the NY Jets, Darrel Revis (not by choice, I just happened to recognize him) and Zoe had her pictured taken with him!

I met another fabulous Patriots fan...we both told each other how much we loved the others shirt! I almost ordered the one she was wearing, but am still super happy with my decision with the one I bought!

Zoe and I before going into the stadium...(yeah, I made her dress...go me)

The weekend ended with a fabulous afternoon at Aloha Stadium with my husband and daughter by my side rooting our AFC ProBowlers on! We ended up losing the game, but the experience will last a lifetime! I lost my voice for the night, ate tons of food that wasn't good for me and had a few beers to keep my spirits up (yeah, like I needed that!)

Here's a view of my hubby a few rows down from our seats (which by the way, we paid extra for so that we would be under the awning incase it rained...and guess what, it rained for the first 40 minutes, haha...we were DRY).

Mahalo for reading...