Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I love me some football

Aloha friends!! I had the most wonderful weekend and I just have to share all the exciting things I did with you! I guess it's not too exciting unless you bleed for football like I do, haha! It was the 2011 ProBowl, and incase you couldn't guess, I love football! I'm a New England girl at heart and I love my New England Patriots! I got the chance to see 7 of the best Pats players along side all the other top rated players in the NFL. It was a dream come true, just fun fun fun!

The weekend started off with meeting KRIS ALLEN from American Idol!! Yup, this girl spotted him accross the bar at Dukes Waikiki and knew instantly that it was him! I felt like a 12 year old with how excited I was!! He was in town to sign the national anthem for the game on Sunday. He was here with his wife and another couple, they were both very down to earth and actually chatted with me for a few minutes. I got my picture taken with him...duh, of course! But with all my luck, there was terrible lighting and my flash didn't go off...go figure!

On Saturday morning we went to Aloha stadium for Ohana day. Ohana means family in Hawaiian! We got to watch the players practice, see the mascots and all the cheerleaders (my daughters favorite). My 21 month old twins did not handle the experience as well as I had hoped and we had to skip out a little early and walk around and around the stadium with the strollers. Not exactly what I had expected, but still worth every second! Later that night we went to the ProBowl block party in downtown Waikiki, which was a blast! It was packed with football lovin' homies, I felt right at home! We got a signature of a retired NFL player, pictures with cheerleaders and we got to meet a star player from the NY Jets, Darrel Revis (not by choice, I just happened to recognize him) and Zoe had her pictured taken with him!

I met another fabulous Patriots fan...we both told each other how much we loved the others shirt! I almost ordered the one she was wearing, but am still super happy with my decision with the one I bought!

Zoe and I before going into the stadium...(yeah, I made her dress...go me)

The weekend ended with a fabulous afternoon at Aloha Stadium with my husband and daughter by my side rooting our AFC ProBowlers on! We ended up losing the game, but the experience will last a lifetime! I lost my voice for the night, ate tons of food that wasn't good for me and had a few beers to keep my spirits up (yeah, like I needed that!)

Here's a view of my hubby a few rows down from our seats (which by the way, we paid extra for so that we would be under the awning incase it rained...and guess what, it rained for the first 40 minutes, haha...we were DRY).

Mahalo for reading...

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