Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mid week review

This past weekend my family and I went to the Zoo and had a blast! It was the twins first time seeing it and they LOVED every second! I have never seen my sons eyes light up the way they did when he was staring at the spider monkeys..haha! He was thrilled! They both did great riding around in their Escalade of a double stroller...that is until we took them out to play at the playground! Oh boy, what a mistake that was. They freaked when my husband and I tried to get them back in the stroller to leave, whoa...not sure I'll make that mistake again! My 7 year old will tell you she wants to be a Vet when she grows up, so you can imagine how much she enjoyed herself that day! All and all it was a FABULOUS time for all of us!

I love my husband and all he does to support our family. He works so hard and never complains about coming home to change a diaper or help clean up dinner....he's such a trooper, thought I would just throw that out there really quick!

This week is the ProBowl here in Hawaii! I can't seem to find many people here who LOVE the sport as much as I do though. I'm kind of obsessed with it and my Patriots! I'm getting ready to have a wonderful weekend full of fun, football and family!! I am SO excited, I can't even describe it! I've been on twitter trying to find out where the players are practicing and where they are hanging out in hope to "run" into someone while I'm out and about! I even planned a "date night" with Greg on Friday, just to go downtown and do some "celebrity watching." I know I know...I'm nuts, but really...who cares right? At least my husband doesn't have to argue over watching football on tv...I usually get upset if he even thinks about changing the channel during a commercial...HA, yeah, it's that important!! My son even shouts at the tv and says, "ootball ootball" when he gets up in the morning!! I'm a football loving breeder, all my kiddos love to watch it!! I actually made my husband take a drive last night just to see the hotel all the players are staying in! We saw a lot of them driving around and walking into the hotel, but I was surprised at how much they all look alike when they are walking in groups! Oh's worth a shot right! Saturday morning there is a Ohana day at Aloha Stadium and the entire family will be going. It's supposed to be lots of fun for the family, games, sneak peaks, autographs and food! Then we are heading downtown to Waikiki Saturday night for the NFL Probowl block party! Five stages of music among the list of things going on...oh my, I'm in overload talking about football! Then the game is Sunday..whoot whoot! Lots of pics next week!

I'm also starting to edit some of my sunset pictures in hopes of starting my own photography business in the near future. I just hope people will buy them! Ok, off to get the twins up from their naps...

Mahalo for reading....

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