Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Random thoughts

Ok, I'm going to try harder to blog...promise! This is all new to me, blogging and twittering. My wonderful neighbor has gotten me interested in it and I'm starting to find the ins and outs of it all! I still think facebook is way easier, but I'm going to try! I'm hoping that when I (eventually) start my business these two outlets will help!

So, I've started back working out, but this time I'm getting some boosts from my hubby! I've got him hooked on Insanity! I love being able to beat him at it since I have "experience" doing it, haha! I'm also running every night, thinking mornings for runs might be better though. I have been debating on signing up for a half marathon here in Hawaii. It's called the Diva Half Marathon, 13.1 crazy miles! You get tiara's feather PINK boas, flowers, champangne and a beautiful medal at the end!! I'm not a runner and never have been, but I think this would be a great challenge to set my mind to! I've got a goal of losing another 20lbs, and working towards something would be good motivation. So, what do you think? Should I do it? I guess I should just go with, "it doesn't matter how you get to the finish line, as long as you do!"

This post is pretty random and doesn't have any frills but it sure feels good to just talk...thanks for listening!

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