Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Stranded, bouncehouse and the beach

Aloha again friends...

Well, this past weekend Greg and I went to Ala Moana mall to walk around, try on clothes and have a laid back dinner together! My wonderful and amazing babysitter is leaving the island in two weeks, so we are taking full advantage of still having her around! We stopped and had dinner at Islands grill..

After dinner and some walking around we headed to the car to get home early! Yeah, not so much! Greg went to start the car and...nothing! It wouldn't even turn on, make any noise, nothing! Ughh, so frustrated to have a nice night end this way! Luckily, we were parked pretty close to a Sears and with minutes to spare before the store closing Greg was able to be the last guy in line to buy a new battery for the car! Thank goodness my husband is capable of changing out a battery in a dark parking lot with only the light of his cell to see what he's doing! Here's the car...waiting on a new battery (and for the record, since the doors wouldn't lock, I stayed with the car in the dark parking lot, alone...while hubs went and bought the battery!

So, while hubs changed the battery, I made myself useful and walked to Jamba Juice for a little pick-me-up!! Hey, I have to do my part too right!! By the time I got back to the car with our yum-o smoothies, hubs had it started and we made our way safely back home!!

And as for the rest of the weekend, this is how it pictures: Here are the kids watching Zoe play Wii...just couldn't resist this one!

We purchased a bounce house for the kids, and may I add...the best money we ever spent on a toy! The kids are SO tired at night, whoohoo!

On Monday, we spent the morning at the beach! It was a perfect day for it, kind of cloudy and not too hot! We all had a great time! Alex was scared of the sand and water at first, but once again (just like last time) it took him about 30 minutes to adjust to the environment and once he did, he was off and running!

It was such a nice family weekend...looking forward to another one this upcoming weekend...possibilities: overnight at a hotel, fireworks, beach, botanical gardens..who knows, guess you'll have to stay tuned....


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  1. What a bummer about the car!! We had that happen once when our little guy was a baby, and it was a nightmare!! We've talked about investing in one of those bouncy things...may have to consider it a little more now. :-) Hope you are having a great Monday!