Sunday, February 6, 2011

Got a few...

Hello friends!

I can't believe it's already Sunday night, where did that weekend go? Greg has duty tonight and that just stinks (sigh), but on the bright side I have some quality "alone" time to write a little!

I spent Friday playing with my two little loves!

Saturday was a blast, with a lovely birthday party for another set of twins that turned 2 and then a ladies only birthday with some of my favorite neighbors!
Here's Ana sporting her little birthday cute!
You could say that this Buzz Lightyear toy saved the day! Alex was having one of his major meltdowns until this toy came out...thank goodness!!

I went out with a few of my neighbors for one of their birthdays Saturday night! We took a limo and headed down to Waikiki for some fun!

First we started out having dinner at the Yardhouse (yum..if you've never been to one...GO, you'll thank me later *wink*). Our waiter had a strong resemblance to the singer Meatloaf and it had me humming *I would do anything for love, but I wont do that* pretty much all night long! I tried Poke, not by choice and in case you are wondering, I didn't like it! Not to mention, no one told me that the green swirl of pretty sauce was actually Wasabi, that I loaded onto the raw fish before shoveling it in my mouth, yeah...picture that moment, it is!!
I was screaming for the waiter to bring me milk..haha! Here is that gorgeous Poke, if you like raw fish..I've been told it's amazing!
We did a lot of "people watching" which I learned via my zodiac sign (the monkey) is one of my most favorite things to do! After dinner and too many drinks, we headed to the cheesecake factory for some yummy cheesecake to go! We walked around and window shopped for things we certainly couldn't afford and ended up at Dukes to sit on the beach and enjoy out dessert! I, however, saved mine for when I got home to share with my hubby (it's his favorite too). I took a beer on the beach and got scolded by the 18 year old waiter..."ma'am you can't drink on the beach"...whoopsie, my bad! There were so many laughs and bonding between all of us was a epic night!

Sunday wasn't too exciting, watched the superbowl by myself while Zoe played her Wii and the twins napped! I brought my hunny a Starbucks and lunch (only because I can't stand going a day without seeing his handsome face). I made some cookies and cooked a pizza and ended the night playing chase with my three kids!

Happy Sunday!!!

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  1. Fun!! I don't know any neighbors.....I'm so bad at neighborly socializing! But looks like you all had a out for that wasabi!