Monday, February 28, 2011

Family fun weekend..woohoo

Aloha Friends!

Sitting here thinking that I need to make sure I'm keeping up on my blogging! I feel like I might say the same thing over and over again! But hey, I'm trying super hard to make things interesting so YOU will keep on reading!

Being a full time mommy to three children, a wife to a wonderful military man, and an all around do everything "elser" (I know, I know...not a word, but who's checking right?), sometimes the day just slips away! My amazing hubs is out to sea for the week, so I have a little free time tonight (after my fantabulous glass of wine and rotting my brain with the bachelor) I can sit here and write!

On Saturday the family and I went to Waimea Botanical Gardens to see some trees, some plants, some flowers and of course a gorgeous waterfall at the end!! Here are a few pictures of our little adventure! Oh, and we decided to use two strollers and split the twins up (equal workouts you say? Nope, hubs just didn't want to push the double alone...haha).

On Sunday we had our babysitter come over for a little bit so that we could take Zoe out for a few hours of "big girl twin free" time. After much consideration and debating, we were off to the beach! It was actually kind of relaxing to not chase twin almost 2 year olds all over the place! Greg played in the water for most of the time with Zoe while this mama stayed on shore reading her Rachel Ray magazine and enjoying the warm Hawaiian sunshine! After the beach we went and ate some tasty pizza and drank some baskin robins milkshakes(not my choice, I wanted mexican...but Zoe was the boss that afternoon).

Well, that was it for the bring on the week. Hoping it's a quick one since Greg isn't here and I desperately hate being alone, especially at night. Found out that Greg will be getting pinned on Friday, he is stepping up in ranks!! I'm so proud of him! The best part is, I'm going to get to "pin" him myself! So, I need a new outfit...what does one wear to this type of event? No high heels since I have to walk up the brow..wouldn't want to slip and fall on the ship! I'm going out tomorrow to shop for a nice outfit,got the babysitter for a few hours (I'm really going to miss her when she moves off island next week *tear*). Ok, ideas welcome for outfit choices...remember, I live in Hawaii (it's hot) and the ceremony is starting at 11am, hottest part of the day (and we'll be outside)!!


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  1. Wow that looks amazing, I think that is so cool that you have a special day with your daughter:) Oh and don't worry I make up words ALL the time! ha ha. You were my 300th follower, special in my book! I am your newest follower too! Hope to get to know you better in blog land!