Monday, March 7, 2011

Even if it's only a day

Aloha friends...

Here I am again, alone! It's been a long 8 days let me tell you. I know I shouldn't complain about my hubs being gone for a week here and there, especially when so many of my friends are struggling with deployments...but *sigh* it never gets easier. It really doesn't matter if it's one day or 6 months, when the one you love more than anything is away, just sucks. I always get this empty pit of my stomach feeling throughout the day, I can't stand it. Mostly because that's usually followed by tears. I treasure every single moment I get with my husband and I take every single opportunity to spend it with him and with our kids, together, as a family. This week is a bit different though, there will be no email communication from the ship and possibly no phone calls. That's going to make for one L.O.N.G week! But, it's what I do, it's our life, and just like every single other time, I'll get through it with a smile..well, maybe a smirk!

So this is how the last week went...Hubs was out until 7pm on Friday, went to bed early because he was falling asleep on the couch. Then he had duty on Saturday and came home at 9am on Sunday. I did manage to go and bring him dinner on the ship Saturday night though! That was actually kind of fun, except for the smell! Have you ever been on a Navy ship? Ughh, they smell so bad! Anyways, prior to meeting him for dinner I was out and about shopping for a ball gown dress and shoes! Greg and I have our first official Supply Corps ball next Saturday! Yeah, I'm kind of excited about it!! Wooohoo, so much fun! I went to David's bridal first and was lucky enough to find not one, but two amazing dresses that fit perfectly! Only problem...had to choose! Long or short? I quizzed a bunch of my friends and my husband and ultimately chose the short dress! I know right? SHORT SAY WHAT? After all, we do live in Hawaii and I have great calves, HAHA, yes I said it! Oh, and I love now, I get to show my super cute shoes off, yesss! I can't wait to show you! Speaking of shoes, I bought not one but 6 pairs last week..EEEK! Seriously though, huge sale and I didn't do it all at once let me just clarify! I have a shoe problem..there, I said it..first step is admitting you have a problem!

Sunday we went out running errands (since I dislike doing them alone)! Thankfully my hubby doesn't mind driving me around in and out of stores! Well, at least I think he doesn't mind...hmm, maybe I should ask him about that one! We had lunch at the mall, which was SO much fun (nope, no sarcasm there, it actually was really fun). Then we came home and hung out for the rest of the day! That was my weekend, nothing crazy...just life!


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  1. Hi there! I randomly stumbled on your blog through twitter and I just wanted to say that I really, truly admire you (and your husband!) for what you are doing and how it sounds like you live your life. I can only imagine how hard it is to have him gone frequently with 3 little kids at home, and how equally hard it must be on him to be away from his entire family. But, I just really respect men like your husband who serve our country and sacrifice for all of us. I don't think they are paid enough thanks, so from one grateful citizen, thank you to you and your family!

    Sorry if this is creepy coming from a stranger, but your post really touched me and I wanted to let you know.